committed to the principles of best practice

International School of the Basel Region AG (ISBR AG) is a not-for-profit company registered under Swiss law.

The purpose of the Company is the operation of an English speaking private day school for girls and boys aged from three to nineteen years with three levels; Senior School, Middle School and Junior School, on a non-profit and self-supporting basis.

The School is owned and operated by ISBR AG whose shareholders include corporations in the Basel region plus the Association of the International School Basel. The supreme corporate body of the Company is the general meeting of shareholders. As outlined by the Articles of Incorporation, the shareholders have a number of inalienable powers which include the election of a Board of Directors (Board). The Board is responsible for the governance of the School as a non-sectarian, politically neutral entity that provides an education promoting learning, cultural and international understanding and respect for all nationalities, religions and cultural backgrounds.

ISBR AG is committed to the principles of current best practice in international school governance. ISBR AG is complying with existing legal regulations and the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance. The existing internal foundations, including the Articles of Incorporation and the Organisational Regulations, take account of all principles required for the management and supervision of the Company, including the required checks and balances.

The Director is appointed by the Board. The Director is the chief executive officer of the ISBR and has full operational control of the School including responsibility for the formulation of educational policies, a Child Protection PolicyCode of Conduct, and the administrative management of the ISBR in accordance with the Goals and Outcomes policies established by the Board.