Educating with Purpose

Learning@ISB provides an overview of the key principles that we value as a school in line with our mission and guiding statements.
International School Basel believes that learning is a journey that happens when learners are engaged, motivated and academically challenged, generating an appetite for continuous learning and a compassionate attitude towards others and the betterment of the society and environment around them.

What our Parents Say

46 Poland

"I believe that the ISB is very committed to ensuring that students have the best possible school experience, and cares about the comprehensive development of the student. It takes an interest in the student. The school provides excellent preparation for college and a start in adult life. It pays special attention to helping students choose their own path in life."
– Grade 11 Parent (Poland) –

45 United States

"ISB is the epitome of a community, a network of resources that are accessible and available to support the development of its students and in a caring manner. The impression given is that all of the teachers and administrators have a vested interest in the development and success of each student and are willing to go above and beyond when necessary. The lessons seek to incorporate real-world application versus just theoretical application. Certainly, it excels in helping new students assimilate with minimal issues."
– Grade 8 Parent (United States) –

37 Switzerland

"I think the teachers are wonderful and the way they look at a child is the biggest difference I could feel compared to the Swiss public school. I think every child on the planet should have the chance to grow up in such a good setting."
– Grade 7 Parent (Switzerland) –

36 Switzerland

"My son had a wonderful time at ISB, he really enjoyed the environment, the teachers, and the culture of the school. Amazing school for every single child."
– Grade 7 Parent (Switzerland) –

33 United Kingdom

"Our daughters' transition to the ISB was extremely smooth with the help of the host family who were welcoming and are now our close friends. The girls moved from a different curriculum and the teachers at ISB addressed their gaps whilst continuing to challenge them on a daily basis in the classroom."
– Grade 9 Parent (United Kingdom) –

30 United States

"The teaching staff are wonderful - very caring/supportive, individualized attention, attuned to developing the whole person, socially and intellectually. The attention they give to each child and activities that they do in the classroom is amazing! The school environment fosters wonderful friendships for the families and provides wonderful opportunities to the parents. It's really added to our experience here as a new expat family."
– EC 2 Parent (United States) –

28 United States

"I appreciate that the approach to learning is more about self discovery as opposed to imposing ones thoughts and opinions onto young impressionable minds."
– Grade 9 Parent (United States) –

27 Canada

"The focus on progress, the extent of collaboration among students, the flexibility of the teaching staff to accommodate different learning needs, the effort to develop other non-academic skills in the children (organization, community engagement, etc), genuine concern for the well being of our children, the school-wide efforts to evolve and improve - all of these factors have made for a fantastic educational and personal experience for our children."
– Grade 6 Parent (Canada) –

019 Japan

"Each teacher is creative, caring and knows about the students and gives great feedback. The ISB community among children, teachers and parents is wonderful."
– EC 3 Parent (Japan) –

017 United States

"ISB does well in engaging students' diverse interests and creating a comfortable and empowering environment for students to express themselves and to learn."
– Grade 11 Parent (United States) –

011 Italy

"ISB welcomes kids very well and works on their "soft skills" with a high focus on each individual."
– Grade 2 Parent (Italy) –

009 New Zealand

"Qualified and caring teachers, very conscious of child's overall wellbeing. Guides the child to progress at their own pace. Great use of outdoor learning."
– EC 3 Parent (New Zealand) –

008 France

"The school looks after the needs of each student individually and has a is a strong sense of both education and pastoral care. ISB is inclusive of all cultures and nationalities and fosters connections among parent communities. There is continuous communications of the life of the students and a detailed weekly newsletter to promote parent engagement."
– Grade 1 Parent (France) –

007 United Kingdom

"ISB and the ISB Community did an incredible job welcoming and onboard our 5th grader who arrived at the beginning of the Spring semester. ISB has a very personalized approach to education and dedicated the time up front to understand our son's needs and followed up with the attention and support he needed."
– Grade 5 Parent (United Kingdom) –

004 Mexico

"Great support during transition and throughout the school year. Genuine care from teachers aim at ensuring student's successful development."
– Grade 7 Parent (Mexico) –

003 India

"ISB is a student-centred school, with a very friendly and rewarding experience for a student and the parent."
– Grade 7 Parent (India) –


"Supporting and caring for students with their individual needs. ISB has excellent communication between staff members and they prioritize the best for the students."
– EC 3 Parent (Ireland) –