Mission & Guiding Statements

The mission of the International School Basel is unique, perhaps the only school in the world that uses a student's voice to articulate its core values:



“We all want to learn more;
 We all do it in different ways;
 We all have fun learning;
 We all help.”

 — ISB Student

Junior School - Living our Mission

“We all want to learn more”
  • We support all our students to achieve educational excellence by discovering and developing their academic potential
  • We foster the curiosity and creativity of each individual  
  • We empower our students to be future-ready, global citizens
  • We encourage learning as a lifelong pursuit
“We all do it in different ways”
  • We value inclusion of all learners
  • We innovate and adjust our approaches to teaching and learning to address student needs
  • We celebrate diversity as a strength and promote equal opportunity for all

“We all have fun learning”
  • We offer an all-round education that serves the needs of the whole child
  • We provide stimulating, connected, and relevant service learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom
  • We inspire a sense of wonder in the world and optimism for the future


“We all help”
  • We create safe, caring, and affirming learning spaces for our international community
  • We cultivate collaborative, supportive, and positive partnerships
  • We nurture the values of care, compassion, and responsible action
  • We respect our personal, local, and global environments