Vision 2030

Preparing Students who Flourish and Impact their World

At ISB, we want our students to "Feel Good and Do Good". Our goal is to provide them with positive and satisfying learning experiences, while helping them develop a deeper purpose to serve something greater than themselves.




Vision 2030 is an ambitious strategic plan designed to position ISB as the school of choice for families looking for a holistic, inclusive and future-ready education for their children. With Vision 2030, we are embracing innovation and seizing new opportunities with a forward-looking and dynamic approach that responds to the evolving needs of our students and the rapidly changing education landscape.

Vision 2030 Temple



To deliver on our ambitions, we have established the following strategic goals.

Student Wellbeing

Developing a world-class Wellbeing Framework and Programme across all divisions.


  • Equipping students with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to thrive in a complex world 
  • Improving student self-knowledge and resilience
  • Developing a culture of compassion and justice


Future-focused Learning

Providing opportunities for students to engage in impactful and authentic learning, be active participants and make their own learning choices.


  • Creating space and time for personalised and flexible student learning experiences.
  • Including flexible time for students to make choices and exercise their agency
  • Examining innovative and research-based practices for teaching and learning
  • Providing responsive, flexible pathways based on student needs and interests
  • Expanding learning experiences for authentic inquiry
  • Developing authentic links with the local community to take learning out of the classroom
  • Creating innovation spaces to allow students to explore and create
  • Developing a more integrated and connected programme, with open, flexible and adaptive learning spaces

Whole Child Development

Enhancing the opportunities available to students to pursue their current interests and explore and develop new passions and interests.


  • Expanding and improving the range of co-curricular activities to provide a truly holistic education, both inside and outside the school
  • Developing an impactful Outdoor Education programme, offering opportunities for students to learn and apply skills to safely and enjoyably navigate natural environments
  • Extending Student Leadership that makes a difference within and beyond our community
  • Engaging all students in authentic and meaningful Service Learning.



Focusing on Environmental, Social and Institutional Sustainability to ensure a sustainable and ethical future.


  • Educating and empowering students who are committed to environmental stewardship
  • Reducing our environmental impact as a school and as a community
  • Ensuring social inclusion of all members of our community, including the most vulnerable.
  • Ensuring ISB's Long-Term financial strength
  • Attracting and retaining the best staff
  • Pursuing contemporary, progressive pedagogy/academic programming to remain at the forefront of educational development and maintain academic excellence
  • Ensuring ISB’s facilities remain up-to-date with the developments in a changing educational landscape.

Building Blocks for Vision 2030