ASPIRE (Extended Day)

The After School Programme for Inspiration, Recreation and Enrichment (ASPIRE) is a service designed and provided by ISB to support young students and their parents after the school day has ended.

The programme is offered to Aesch Campus students from Monday to Friday when school is in session. ISB will only accept permanent bookings for the periods August to December and January to June.

A healthy snack is provided (e.g. fruit, grains, yogurt, cheese, etc.). EC 1 – Grade 3 students who are enrolled in ASPIRE and a subsequent same-day on-campus activity will be accompanied to that activity by a member of staff.

ASPIRE closes at 18:00; parents must make arrangements on their own for the time beyond 18:00. Please pick up your children on time. Late pick up will be invoiced at the rate of CHF 5 per five minutes.

Please note: If your child is participating in the Intensive Needs Programme please contact before registering.