After School Programme for Inspiration, Recreation and Enrichment (ASPIRE)

ASPIRE is a service designed and provided by ISB to support Junior School (EC 1 - Grade 5) students and their parents after the school day has ended. ASPIRE is available after school from Monday–Friday, except during school holidays and vacation periods.

A priority for the many ISB parents who work outside the home is to find a safe, comfortable and stimulating after-school environment for their children.

The programme includes:

  • A full range of activities covering the arts, sciences, sport and recreation and culture
  • Time set aside each day for students in Grades 1 - 5 to take part in supported Home Learning
  • A healthy snack is provided e.g. fruit, grains, yogurt, cheese, etc.

Drop-in Service

To provide even more flexibility for busy parents, or for those unexpected occasions, ASPIRE also offers an as-needed “Drop-in Service”. As long as there is space available, ISB will respond to requests for after-school care until 14:00 the same day.

Please contact Admissions for further information about our ASPIRE programme.