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Breathing FIRE Podcast

Episode 3 - Robotics

Coach Vic Caban interviews Caroline and Anton, two students from the ISB Robotics programme, together with their teacher and founder of the Robotics Club, Ringo Dingrando. They talked about the ISB Robotics classes and club, competitions with other Swiss schools and their future plans to compete abroad.

Episode 4 - Middle School

In this new episode, Coach Vic interviews three students from Middle School about what it feels like to be in Grades 6-8 at ISB. They shared their personal experiences, insights and discoveries, while sharing ideas to make things better.

Episode 1 - Celebrating Season 1

In the first episode of the new ISB ¨Breathing FIRE¨ podcast, three student-athletes who took part in Athletics Season 1 share their insights with ISB Director of Sports, ¨Coach Vic¨ Caban. They reflect on their challenges, achievements, and learnings throughout the season, and share their first-hand experience as student-athletes at the International School Basel.

Episode 2 - Multisport Athletes

In this new podcast episode, three student-athletes who have been active in multiple sports throughout the Athletics Season share their perspectives on what it takes to be a multi-sport student and the challenges and opportunities that this entails.

Celebrating Season 1 - 202-23

Season 1 - Awards Ceremony - Nov 2022

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Coach Vic from the Dragon's Den

In Breathing FIRE Vlog, ISB Director of Sports talks with our Dragons about their challenges, efforts and achievements, and explores how they live ISB FIRE Athletics Philosophy.

This week we celebrate the ski teams success and coach Didier chats with three of our Junior School Skiers.

Breathing FIRE Vlog,- Episode 4