The Story behind the Dragons Logo

A Legacy of Creativity & Ingenuity

In 2004, Grade 2 student, Alie Fordyce, submitted a “simple yet effective” design for a School Sports logo competition. It was predicted that her winning entry (which ingeniously positioned a symbolic dragon within the letters ISB) would soon be seen around campus at forthcoming sporting events.

However, dragons have a reputation for invisibility and for lying dormant, sometimes for years on end. Regrettably, Alie’s dragon proved no exception! Instead of appearing on athletics shirts and banners as intended, it remained undisturbed and hidden amongst the Sports pages of the ISB Yearbook 2004 – 2005.

Some time later, in what could be deemed a curious coincidence, the Athletics Department began meeting with the Communications Department to create – once and for all – a distinctive logo to identify the school at sporting events. At the same time, the Communications Department, while cataloguing ISB publications, had been thumbing through copies of Yearbooks from previous years. When the Sports pages of the 2004 – 2005 Yearbook were opened, seven-year-old Alie’s competition-winning dragon was at last discovered and awoken from its slumber! The merits of Alie’s dragon were immediately obvious to all. It was therefore decided - with the enthusiastic backing of the Athletics Department and with a little help from the Communications Department - that her design should form the basis of the new Athletics Department logo.

Winning Sports Logo competition entry From the pages of the 2004 - 2005 ISB Yearbook


While a student at ISB, Alie was a fine athlete who represented the school in many sporting events down the years. After graduating, she became a student of Princeton, and ran track for the University while pursuing a degree in Ecology and Environmental Health.

The ISB Dragons logo was officially launched ten years later in 2014 - 2015