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Cross Country Meet

Swim Meet

ISB Podcast - Athletics Season 1

In the first episode of the new ISB ¨Breathing FIRE¨ podcast, three student-athletes who took part in Athletics Season 1 share their insights with ISB Director of Sports, ¨Coach Vic¨ Caban. They reflect on their challenges, achievements, and learnings throughout the season, and share their first-hand experience as student-athletes at the International School Basel.

ISB Podcast - Multisport Athletes

In this new podcast episode, three student-athletes who have been active in multiple sports throughout the Athletics Season share their perspectives on what it takes to be a multi-sport student and the challenges and opportunities that this entails.


All our students can enjoy the Swiss winter in the Alps as part of the Ski team in Season 2.


Our most popular sport, resulting in several boys and girls teams per campus.

Track & Field

One of the highlights of Season 3, offered in JS, MS and SS.


Offered in Junior School Season 1 and Middle and Senior School in Season 2.

Cross Country

All students (JS, MS and SS) can join a Cross-Country team in Season 1.


Offered in Season 1 in Senior School (Varsity and Junior Varsity boys and girls teams) and in Season 3 in Junior and Middle School.


One of the many sport choices in Junior School in Season 1.


Season 2 offers indoor swimming in Junior, Middle and Senior School.


We offer indoor tennis in Seasons 1 (Middle School) and 3 (Senior School), with boys and girls competing individually and in doubles.


Our latest addition to the Athletics programme, Badminton is offered in Season 2 to Senior School students.



Very popular among our female athletes, Softball is offered in Season 3 in Senior School