A Vibrant and Engaged School Community

ISB strongly welcomes parent involvement and participation. Parent support plays a vital role in creating a successful and happy school environment. 

Studies have proven that strong parental involvement is directly linked to student achievement and success. On our campuses, we have observed this connection on a more personal level. Parent participation generally enables students to learn more, as well as to contribute to our affirmative learning environment – both of which are crucial in the fulfillment of our school Mission.



There is no better way to learn about the school, make new friends and contribute at the same time!

Run by parent volunteers, the ISB Community Association (CA) is committed to building a strong school spirit by:

  • supporting efforts to increase knowledge about the school
  • promoting cultural awareness by celebrating diversity
  • cultivating social interaction and positive attitudes to make all feel welcome

Many activities take place throughout the year such as the Back to School BBQ. The International Festival and Quiz Night are fund-raising events where all families are encouraged to participate. The funds are used to benefit the school community by sponsoring programmes and purchasing special equipment. Community members are invited to attend CA meetings to share ideas and get involved in planning future events.

Welcome Programme

Creating a hospitable environment for new and returning families.

This community group represents many cultures and year levels and reflect the international, inclusive nature of ISB. Through a host of relaxed and enjoyable opportunities organized throughout the year – such as day trips, coffee gatherings and receptions – they reach out to families to ease their transition and create opportunities for greater interaction and communication within the school community.

Music & Sports Boosters

Music Booster Club
  • To support the music/ drama/ art teachers in their work;
  • To raise the profile of the Arts within both ISB and local communities;
  • To gather funds for equipment, workshops, festivals and refreshments.


Sports Booster Club
  • To increase the profile, spirit, and recognition of sports participants at ISB;
  • To create a welcoming environment for home tournaments;
  • To raise funds through the running of concession stands at home tournaments, in order to directly support sports teams with traveling snacks, uniforms and equipment.

Learning Support Parents

Supporting families facing similar challenges and providing opportunities to share ideas and experiences.

All parents are welcome to attend the monthly meetings which aim to provide a supportive forum for parents to share, discuss and be informed about a wide range of learning issues that may affect their child. The group frequently hosts meetings where experts involved in many fields of education are invited to give talks on topics of interest and relevance. During the school year, the group organises a second-hand book sale of donated books to raise funds for these speaker meetings.


The Association of International School Basel (AISB) is a major shareholder in ISBR AG – the not-for-profit company that operates the school.

All current ISB parents and employees are automatically members of the AISB. The AISB nominates three non-staff members who, when approved by the ISBR AG Board, may serve a three-year term as Board members and play an active role in the strategic development of the school. The AISB works to finance valuable educational programmes for ISB students; projects which enrich the school's curriculum and are not traditionally included in the school’s budget.



Events Open To THe Public

International School Basel hosts several events throughout the year which are open to the public. We are looking forward seeing you!

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