A Vibrant and Engaged School Community

International School Basel welcomes parent involvement and participation. Parent support plays a vital role in creating a successful and happy school environment. 

Embracing our local community sits right at the heart of our Mission. Our students, teachers and parents actively participate in the vibrant tapestry of local associations, clubs and unique individuals who make our community come alive.local community engagement

How to contribute

Travel Together

Connect with other ISB families who live near you to travel to/from school together by car, tramway, bike, etc. In addition to reducing pollution, ridesharing is a great way to make social connections and expand your ISB network. 

Community Association

All ISB parents and staff are members of the ISB Community Association. Our CA welcomes new families, supports educations enrichment and maintains an active dialogue between parents and ISB staff.

Welcome Programme, Events & Trips

A team of people dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment amongst parents and families in the ISB Community. The Welcome Programme has pulled together a wonderful calendar of seminars, trips and events that for parents.

Campus Affairs

Liaison parents on each campus guide parents to help them find the information they need from within the school community. Grade Level Parents organise a variety of social events for parents with similar aged children.

Learning Support Families

This small but dedicated group of parents supports families of children with additional needs, working alongside the school management and Learning Support team.

Educational Enrichment

A team of dedicated parents, working with ISB faculty and students, responsible for bringing innovative projects and activities that enhance our children’s learning at ISB.

Arts & Sports Boosters

These two groups of volunteer parents from each campus supports the Arts (music, theatre and visual arts) and Athletics (competitive sports) programmes. They help foster spirit and pride in these group activities and generate a welcoming environment for all.

Supporting Sustainability

The Sustainability Team comprises parents, faculty and staff supporting the efforts of our students and school to promote and foster environmental sustainability.




PUBLIC Events 

International School Basel hosts several events throughout the year which are open to the public. We are looking forward seeing you!

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