A Vibrant and Engaged School Community

International School Basel welcomes parent involvement and participation. Parent support plays a vital role in creating a successful and happy school environment. 

Embracing our local community sits right at the heart of our Mission. Our students, teachers and parents actively participate in the vibrant tapestry of local associations, clubs and unique individuals who make our community come alive.local community engagement

How to contribute

Ridesharing Map

Connect with other ISB families who live near you to travel to/from school together. In addition to reducing pollution, ridesharing is a great way to make social connections and expand your ISB network. Use the map to share chaperoning responsibilities for groups who walk, cycle or travel via public transportation and for collecting children from after-school activities and sports.

Community Association

All ISB parents and staff are members of the ISB Community Association whose core purpose is to elect nominees to ISB's governing board and organise and participate in coffee mornings, seminars, trips, events and programmes that promote a sense of community to enhance our collective experience. Our CA welcomes new families, supports educations enrichment and maintains an active dialogue between parents and ISB staff.

Welcome Programme, Events & Trips

A team of people dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment amongst parents and families in the ISB Community. The Welcome Programme with support from current and alumni parents has pulled together a wonderful calendar of seminars, trips and events that for parents.

Key activities include organizing social trips & events, social coffee mornings, representing the needs of new families, and pairing new and existing families who have similarly aged children, etc.

Campus Affairs

The Campus Affairs team consists of Campus Liaisons at each of the three campuses whose main role is to act as an additional resource for families with campus specific queries — guiding you to where to find the answers within the school community.

The team includes Grade Level Parents from EC1 – Grade 12, who work hard to organise a variety of social events (e.g. coffee mornings, lunches, hikes, trips, etc.) for parents with similar aged children.

Learning Support Families

The Learning Support Parent Group (LSPG) is a small but dedicated group of parents committed to supporting families of children with additional needs. We work alongside the management and Learning Support team in the school and all have personal experience of the services.

Educational Enrichment

A team of dedicated parents, working with ISB faculty and students, responsible for bringing innovative projects and activities that enhance our children’s learning at ISB.

Arts & Sports Boosters

The Arts Boosters has recently been established with the aim of supporting the music, arts and drama department teachers in their work, and to bring some community focus to this wonderfully enriching aspect of the school curriculum. There is a small team of volunteers, with representatives on each campus.

The Sports Booster Club is a small team of volunteer parents who support the ISB athletic department and all student athletes playing for the school’s various sports teams. The main aim is to help foster spirit and pride in the school sports teams, and generate a welcoming environment for visiting teams when ISB hosts a sports tournament.

Supporting Sustainability

The Sustainability Team is a committed group of current & alumni parents, faculty, staff with the aim of engaging our whole community and supporting the efforts of our students and school to promote and foster environmental sustainability.

Our team is one of the three pillars of the Sustainability @ISB Programme, and we depend on volunteers from the parent community to help achieve the programme's aims. The other two pillars are the Eco Committee and the student sustainability groups across the school.




Events Open To THe Public

International School Basel hosts several events throughout the year which are open to the public. We are looking forward seeing you!

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