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Engaging mind, body, and spirit

Students participate in a comprehensive selection of clubs and activities during and after school.

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Z-Block Activities | G6 – 8


Z-Block is a dedicated time for Middle School students to be involved in innovative activities that help them develop community and connection. It is also a time to inspire new passions, deepen existing passions, and ignite students' leadership and service. These activities take place every Monday and Friday as part of the school day.

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ISB Dragons Athletics

Our team athletic programme provides a range of competitive sports training sessions, friendly games and official tournaments to our Middle and Senior School students and aims to develop athletes who demonstrate good sportsmanship by showing respect to opponents, officials, and spectators, and by maintaining self-control.

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Mother Tongue Language

Join one of nine mother tongue language classes offered.

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Spreading the Love of Mathematics

Gail Metcalf met up with our Australian Math Consultant, Lana Fleiszig, in Tanzania to help spread the love of mathematics by volunteering in a charity run school called Bandari. Read on to share their experience.

Spreading the Love of Mathematics

Gail Metcalf, our Numeracy Coach in Junior School, is going to volunteer in Tanzania to teach mathematics with our Mathematics Consultant, Lana Fleiszig.

Ukrainian Ambassador visits ISB

As members of the Model United Nations (MUN) Press Team, Senior School students Lylah and Charlie write about the recent visit to our school by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Swiss Confederation, Dr. Artem Rybchenko. Their first-hand experience reflects well the spirit of this important event in our school life.