Lunch Programme


Nourishing Meals for Health & Wellbeing

We recognise the importance of good nutrition as a foundation for health and wellbeing, and an opportunity for relaxation and sociability. Students at International School Basel are offered a variety of nutritious and balanced meals freshly prepared daily by our caterer, Passion Food.

Good nutrition is a foundation for health and well-being.

Fresh ingredients

We use over 90% fresh ingredients. Convenience products have no place in our kitchens. Utilizsng our chain of suppliers, we obtain fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits, which we cook with care to retain important nutrients and minerals. Using seasonal ingredients is a must. We do not use any factory cooked frozen vegetables except for peas and green beans. The rest are hand cut by us!

Commitment to local suppliers & quality

We use local suppliers and products as much as possible and within our budget. We are always looking for the best quality. We prefer Swiss products whenever they meet our quality standards. Passion Food is against the practice of mixing meats, if it is declared as beef meat balls on the menu you can be assured that they are 100% beef.

Lunch Options

Students have the option to sign-up for the lunch program on a daily basis, pay on the day, or bring their own lunch. They can enjoy hot meals with a salad and dessert/fruit, or select a salad from the salad bar. A selection of prepared sandwiches and snacks are also on offer.

Daily Lunch

Student eating lunch

All Students
Parents can enrol their children in the Lunch Program for an entire school semester. Students will receive a hot lunch every day (or on selected days) without having to pay by cash or card.

Lunch Vouchers

Cafeteria Plate

Junior School
Parents of Junior School students can buy packs of 10 lunch vouchers that children can use to pay for individual meals when they wish.

Prepaid Card

Boy in cafeteria

Middle & Senior School
Students in Grade 6 – 12 can pay for their individual meals and snacks with a pre-paid card, which can be conveniently uploaded using an App.