The Sustainability Programme is a whole school initiative engaging the entire community to promote and foster environmental sustainability. 


In 1987, the UN defined sustainability as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Our Journey

In 2018-2019 we embarked on a formal journey to embrace more sustainable behaviours at ISB. As part of that, ISB is now an Eco-Schools member. This formalises our commitment, provides a sense of community and engages us in meaningful collaboration with like-minded schools. In line with the Eco-Schools goals, our aim is to:

  • Foster stewardship towards our environment, reflected in our daily attitudes, dispositions and actions
  • Encourage the implementation of sustainable development practices at school
  • Empower students to take action and be the change for sustainability
  • Help students develop the ability to address current and future challenges of a globalised society
  • Contribute to a better society
  • Improve the school's ecological footprint


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Latest Sustainability News

Green Disco Divas

Our Junior School Grade 4 and 5 Disco took place last week and our students rocked it up until the early hours of the evening! With food and snacks comes the inevitable trash, but our Green Dragons worked hard to ensure it was sorted and organised into the right places.

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ISB Students Take First Steps to Green our Campus

As part of ISB's sustainable efforts to "green" our premises, a group of students has taken the initiative to launch the Green Spaces project. Their key goal is to establish green spaces on campus, designed, developed and implemented in collaboration with teachers, staff, parents and external experts, for the learning and wellbeing of all. Their drive generated the impetus to  the Green Spaces Committee which is chaired by one of our parents.

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Fundraising for Tigers

We’d like to say a huge thank you to the ISB community for coming together to contribute to this initiative in support of these wonderful and majestic animals, by donating their spare change. This initiative marked ISB’s celebration of  Chinese New Year together on 1 February, which in 2022  is  the “Year of The Tiger”.

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