What People Say

The work at the ISB is age appropriate and engaging for students. As a result, kids are able to manage their own assignments without parent intervention. Kids are allowed to make mistakes without it being "the end of the world", and I trust the teachers to contact me when my child needs extra support, correction, or consequence at home for their actions at school. Bottom line, I think the ISB does an AMAZING job teaching ownership, personal responsibility, and self-management.

Grade 7 Parent (USA)

It's a great school, really well prepare to receive students from other countries. All the interactions with ISB are always very clear and supportive.

Grade 6 Parent (Brazil)

Very welcoming community and school. Great approach to whole well being of the child.

Grade 3 Parent (Australia)

There are excellent, truly inspirational teachers at ISB. Warm, relaxed, friendly atmosphere at the school with approachable staff. Excellent music and drama with lots of opportunities for students to perform and also partake in the annual school musical. Very welcoming and helpful to new families.

Grade 12 Parent (Ireland)

Great teachers and afterschool programs as well as afterschool care. My kids were always very happy when I came to pick them up. The Seesaw app means I know what is happening at school and as a working mum that is really important to me.

Grade 4 Parent (Australia)

The entire Music Program under the leadership of Mr. Norris has been excellent. He offers lunchtime music group rehearsals, after school music ensembles, Instant Orchestra short term ensembles, special outings to concerts, ongoing solo recital opportunities, AND competitions both on site and off-site. Mr. Norris is to be commended for his energy, enthusiasm, and his ability to engage others in creating such a strong community at ISB.

Grade 12 Parent (United States)

The use of technology is top level: Interactive Whiteboards, iPads, Seesaw and other IT programs such as Mathletics are great tools. ISB encourages children to discover the joy of learning, reading and researching. Kids develop great presentation skills and independence.

Maria, Grade 6 Parent (Mexico)

It has been a privilege to be part of ISB - an enthusiastic and inspiring community where each and every individual can feel welcomed and accepted. Students truly enjoy school and develop a love for learning; faculty is generally motivated; administrative staff are extremely helpful, and parents feel involved and integrated.

Grade 12 Parent (Switzerland)

Our daughters' transition to the ISB was extremely smooth with the help of the host family who were welcoming and are now our close friends. The girls moved from a different curriculum and the teachers at ISB addressed their gaps whilst continuing to challenge them on a daily basis in the classroom.

Azmina, Grade 9 Parent (United Kingdom)

Very grateful for the education and resources provided by the school which ultimately allowed me to thrive and set me in the right path!

2015 Alumna (Canada)

Great teachers and school spirit! Teachers are very patient and push the students to do their best. Great principals and team of counselors extremely helpful!

Grade 12 Parent (Canada)

For this age group, digital and technology are key enablers - good or bad, and ISB is clear on the expectations for the students and provides ongoing content to also keep the parents abreast of the ever changing landscape.

Grade 8 Parent (USA)

The focus on progress, the extent of collaboration among students, the flexibility of the teaching staff to accommodate different learning needs, the effort to develop other non-academic skills in the children (organization, community engagement, etc), genuine concern for the well being of our children, the school-wide efforts to evolve and improve - all of these factors have made for a fantastic educational and personal experience for our children.

Grade 6 Parent (Canada)

I appreciate that the approach to learning is more about self discovery as opposed to imposing ones thoughts and opinions onto young impressionable minds.

Grade 9 Parent (United States)

The teaching staff are wonderful - very caring/supportive, individualized attention, attuned to developing the whole person, socially and intellectually. The attention they give to each child and activities that they do in the classroom is amazing! The school environment fosters wonderful friendships for the families and provides wonderful opportunities to the parents. It's really added to our experience here as a new expat family.

EC 2 Parent (United States)

The feeling of being "taken care of" when you enter the school as a new family. I will never forget that. The environment, all the cultures, the whole community, the buildings, the Welcome Programme, Parents, teacher, student conferences, the Classroom management (especially at Aesch campus), The level in the Music lessons and PE. That it is easy to "drop by" and have a talk. And always prompt response to a concern or anything else from Director, Principals and teachers. That is Great!

Grade 4 Parent (Denmark)

ISB encourage children to discover the joy of learning, reading and researching. Kids develop great presentation skills and independence. I really would like to express my appreciation for providing top quality education as well as life coaching to my two children.

Stefania, Grade 1 Parent (Italy)

The teachers were caring and the curriculum was strong. I felt that my children were challenged, but not to the point of stress. The evaluations were the most comprehensive I have ever seen and the teachers were always open and inviting.

Kristin, Grade 5 Parent (United States)

A very welcoming environment for new families and very proficient staff both teaching and otherwise. My child has made immense progress socially and academically during his time at ISB.

Grade 1 Parent (United States)