Continuity of Learning

Our approach to remote education begins with the assertion that the learning experiences teachers normally design when school is in regular session cannot simply be replicated at a distance.

Please visit our Coronavirus Information page for detailed information about current school plans and health & safety measures in place at ISB.

Our Education Learning Models

ISB has developed two different learning models, depending on how the public health situation develops.

We believe that we are best prepared for new challenges if we remain flexible and adaptable – with the ability to move between the different learning models as the situation dictates – while allowing flexibility, transparency and prioritizing the health and safety of our community.

Please do note that the coronavirus situation is rapidly changing. ISB will continue to review and evolve our plans as we learn more.

Toggling Between Options

Experience with the COVID and previous pandemics shows that it is wise to prepare for multiple future paths. Therefore we need to be ready to toggle between Face-to-Face and Distance Learning based on the public health situation, as the Risk-Public Health balance changes (Low, Medium and High Risk).

We believe that we are best prepared for the new challenges if we remain flexible and adaptable, able to move between one model and another as the situation dictates. This approach also allows us to cope with any unexpected infections within our own community.

Both learning models allow ISB to continue to offer students a high quality, child-centred learning experience, but in modified ways.


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The Learning Continues