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Welcome to Junior School

As an IB World school, everyone on our campus is a learner. We work together to provide an exceptional education that is challenging and engaging. We encourage students  to grow and learn in a happy and supportive environment built on mutual respect and care for one another.

Michelle Phillips, Junior School Principal



Primary Years Programme

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) is designed for students aged 3 – 11 (EC 1/2 – Grade 5). The programme provides an engaging and challenging educational framework for all children, focusing on their whole growth. The PYP prepares students to become active, caring, lifelong learners, who demonstrate respect for themselves and others. Learn more about the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.

We offer the PYP programme in two language combinations: English (with German as a second language) and the Dual Language Programme (English and German). Both provide an engaging and challenging educational framework for children that encompasses their social, physical, emotional, academic and cultural development. 

Early Childhood (EC)
5 mornings (minimum) CHF 13,750
4 mornings + 1 full day CHF 15,540
3 mornings + 2 full days CHF 17,330
2 mornings + 3 full days CHF 19,130
1 morning + 4 full days CHF 20,920
5 full days CHF 22,910
Ad-hoc Full Day  CHF 100/day
EC 2 – Grade 5
EC 2 CHF 22,910
EC 3  Grade 5 CHF 26,950

Mornings | 08:00 – 12:00 
Full days | 08:00 – 15:00.
Early Drop-off from 07:45 no additional cost

English Programme

This programme is ideal for:

  • families who speak English at home and prefer their child to develop academic skills in their home language
  • families who do not speak English or German at home and therefore new to English

Dual Language Programme

This programme is ideal for:

  • families with children who have a foundation in English or German and aim to improve their children's language proficiency in both languages.

Discover our weekly outdoor expeditions to the farm and forest nearby

Waldkinder Wednesday


Learning is organised around six Transdisciplinary Themes:


Through an integrated approach to teaching and learning, ISB uses a variety of differentiated teaching methods drawn from a range of exciting learning tasks and strategies applied to all key learning areas. The same teacher (homeroom teacher) teaches Language (English), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Specialist teachers plan and work collaboratively with homeroom teachers to teach: Arts (Music and Visual Arts), additional language (German) and Physical, Social and Personal Education (PSPE).