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Developing a Healthy Balance while Celebrating and Encouraging Positive Uses of Technology

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International School Basel is committed to delivering the highest quality education in line with current best practices in the integration of technology. Technology integration at ISB is focused on embedding the fundamentals of educational technology research and practice into our school context. Through the use of technology, we work to empower students to grow and learn in ways that suit them as individuals, as well as our community as a collective.

As students become involved in the creation of digital content, digital citizenship becomes central to what is done in and around the classrooms. Students’ needs are allowed to be catered to and planned for through increased differentiation. At ISB, students, teachers, parents and administrators work together to create an innovative and collaborative learning environment focused on promoting responsible and ethical digital citizens.

Learning Technology at ISBasel is focused on developing 21st century skills, transferable skills that are recognized as important both now, and in the future of work.


It is an underacknowledged truism that, just as you are what you eat, how and what you think depends on what information you are exposed to.

Tim Wu, Professor at Columbia University and ISB Alumnus

IT Systems and Equipment

Understanding how, why and when to use digital technology enhances learning opportunities.

From their very first year at ISB, students are encouraged to use and enjoy digital tools and systems. Classes are able to leverage technology tools to increase efficiency, make room for more personalized learning and open up the possibility for increased student agency when approaching tasks.


Grade 5 – 12 have formalized BYOD programs. Teachers provide students with various digital tools including laptops and iPads, when required, for learning and teaching. The Senior and Middle School campuses also have dedicated computer labs. Wireless connectivity blanketing learning spaces on all three campuses allows students and teachers to connect and collaborate.

Educational Applications

  • G Suite – used at all campuses
  • Microsoft Office Suite – used at all campuses
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite – used in Senior School
  • Seesaw – used in Junior School and Middle School

A wide range of other programs are used at ISB. These are vetted and decided upon following an assessment of their educational benefit and compliance with student safety and European Data Privacy (GDPR) compliance.

Google G Suite

Every student has a G Suite profile with access to various folders and software applications. The system includes, but is not limited to:

  • a password-protected email account
  • numerous educational applications that support the teaching curriculum
  • a personal Google Drive used to store and share files

Veracross Portal

Veracross is ISB's Student Information System (SIS) and is used to securely publish schedules, progress grades, and report cards. The Veracross Portal also allows teachers to provide resources, tasks and home learning to their students.

The children have incredible access to IT, music, physical education, language and library resources. They are encouraged to pursue their own ideas and interests by enthusiastic and engaged teachers and staff in an environment where cultural diversity is celebrated. My kids love coming to school.
Kristine, Grade 2 Parent (Sweden)

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The use of technology is top level: Interactive Whiteboards, iPads, Seesaw and other IT programs such as Mathletics are great tools. ISB encourages children to discover the joy of learning, reading and researching. Kids develop great presentation skills and independence.
Maria, Grade 6 Parent (Mexico)

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