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In our Middle School, we embrace our Mission to ignite a passion for learning, provide a supportive environment, and foster learner agency and wellbeing. Through our programs and activities, we strive to inspire joy, passion and compassion. We believe in community partnerships and working together for our students, who lie at the heart of everything we do. We encourage them to explore opportunities, pursue academic excellence, and adopt a mindset of kindness and compassion.

Tara Waudby, Middle School Principal

Middle Years Programme

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) is offered to all Grade 6 – 10 students at International School Basel.

The MYP is a rigorous and ambitious, academic programme that prepares students for the demands of a changing world. It helps students develop their personal understanding, sense of self and responsibility in their community.

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Middle School - International School Basel

What our parents say
45 United States

"ISB is the epitome of a community, a network of resources that are accessible and available to support the development of its students and in a caring manner. The impression given is that all of the teachers and administrators have a vested interest in the development and success of each student and are willing to go above and beyond when necessary. The lessons seek to incorporate real-world application versus just theoretical application. Certainly, it excels in helping new students assimilate with minimal issues."
– Grade 8 Parent (United States) –

44 United States

"ISB's environment provides a "safe space" for students to learn more about who they are, have the ability to discuss and challenge in a respectful manner. The ongoing communication and access when needed to the Administrators allow you to know what is going on both with your child and what is going on at the school. For this age group, digital and technology are key enablers  good or bad, and ISB is clear on the expectations for the students and provides ongoing content to also keep the parents abreast of the ever changing landscape."
– Grade 8 Parent (United States) –

41 United Kingdom

"The diversity of learning opportunities at ISB create self-confident independent learners capable of confidently presenting their work and ideas in a mature way."
– Grade 8 Parent (United Kingdom) –

40 Argentina

"ISB has been a fantastic welcoming community, with high quality teachers and learning programs, no doubt it's on the top International Schools in Europe."
– Grade 8 Parent (Argentina) –

39 Spain

"ISB is a welcoming community, mindful of individualities, creating a diverse environment where kids develop at their best and parents contribute as they wish to. My daughter has shift to the MYP methodology so smoothly thanks to the engagement the approach creates but also thanks to the support of the teachers. I cannot be more grateful for seeing her blossoming in class and in the Athletics program and extra curricular activities."
– Grade 8 Parent (Spain) –

37 Switzerland

"I think the teachers are wonderful and the way they look at a child is the biggest difference I could feel compared to the Swiss public school. I think every child on the planet should have the chance to grow up in such a good setting."
– Grade 7 Parent (Switzerland) –

36 Switzerland

"My son had a wonderful time at ISB, he really enjoyed the environment, the teachers, and the culture of the school. Amazing school for every single child."
– Grade 7 Parent (Switzerland) –

35 United States

"Amazing community of school faculty and parents. Very warm and welcome. Make it easy for the entire family, but most importantly to the entering child."
– Grade 8 Parent (United States) –

34 United States

"ISB was one of the highlights of our time in Switzerland. It opened our eyes to what a school could be and are incredibly sad to be leaving. We hope to return in the coming years. Everything from the kindness and responsiveness of the staff and teachers to the quality and thoughtfulness of my children's learning. I have and would, without reservation, recommend ISB to anyone. We are genuinely sad to be leaving."
– Grade 8 Parent (United States) –

27 Canada

"The focus on progress, the extent of collaboration among students, the flexibility of the teaching staff to accommodate different learning needs, the effort to develop other non-academic skills in the children (organization, community engagement, etc), genuine concern for the well being of our children, the school-wide efforts to evolve and improve - all of these factors have made for a fantastic educational and personal experience for our children."
– Grade 6 Parent (Canada) –

26 United States

"For this age group, digital and technology are key enablers - good or bad, and ISB is clear on the expectations for the students and provides ongoing content to also keep the parents abreast of the ever changing landscape."
– Grade 8 Parent (United States) –

25 United States

"The work at the ISB is age appropriate and engaging for students. As a result, kids are able to manage their own assignments without parent intervention. Kids are allowed to make mistakes without it being "the end of the world", and I trust the teachers to contact me when my child needs extra support, correction, or consequence at home for their actions at school. Bottom line, I think the ISB does an AMAZING job teaching ownership, personal responsibility, and self-management."
– Grade 7 Parent (United States) –

24 United States

"We have been so pleased with our time here. I think the thing that stands out to us as parents and to our children as well is the kindness and helpfulness of staff and teachers. Truly exceptional."
– Grade 6 Parent (United States) –

018 India

"We were particularly impressed with support provided (digital learning) during the pandemic. The learning experience during this period was quite seamless. We like the way ISB promotes holistic thinking by way of various Units of Enquiries where a particular theme is chosen, and it is touched upon from various angles & subjects. ISBX activities, after school care/support (ASPIRE), and the Veracross portal are great value additions. The libraries are well stocked (and luckily also provide access to the parents)."
– Grade 7 Parent (India) –

013 Switzerland

"Our children loved ISB. It was un unforgettable experience for them. The cultural diversity and the day-to-day immersion with English was undoubtedly very important to them."
– Grade 6 Parent (Switzerland) –

006 India

"The school provides a friendly environment for new students to adjust to the curriculum. The teachers are knowledgeable and helpful. The school also encourages sports activities which helps kids in building friendship and team-spirit. The school provides overall development of the students based on their choice whether its theater, music, sports, academics etc."
– Grade 6 Parent (India) –

004 Mexico

"Great support during transition and throughout the school year. Genuine care from teachers aim at ensuring student's successful development."
– Grade 7 Parent (Mexico) –

003 India

"ISB is a student-centred school, with a very friendly and rewarding experience for a student and the parent."
– Grade 7 Parent (India) –

002 United States

"Terrific social environment for students and families with a very strong music extracurricular program."
– Grade 8 Parent (United States) –


The Middle Years Programme (MYP) provides interdisciplinary learning  to students through various integrated subject groups. Students demonstrate interdisciplinary understanding when they bring together concepts, methods, or forms of communication from various disciplines to explain a phenomenon, solve a problem or raise questions in new ways.

The Middle Years Programme  consists of 8 subject groups, providing a broad and balanced education for students aged 12 – 16.

Common Agreement


Our Common Agreement

In Middle School, we share common values and beliefs that define the way we interact with each other.

  • Kindness
  • Balance
  • Agency
  • Values, codes and procedures
  • Spaces

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Service is a requirement for all students in Grade 6 – 10.  They are encouraged to make connections between what they learn in the classroom and what they see happening in the outside world.

Service encourages responsible citizenship. It deepens students knowledge and understanding of the world around them and enables them to be more knowledgeable, open-minded and confident.

As students mature, Service activities go beyond “doing for others” to “engaging with others”, in a shared commitment towards the common good. Meaningful Service requires understanding  underlying, identifying where the need lies and interacting with the relevant community to determine the best action.

Middle School - Fiechten Campus

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