Outdoor Education

When the outdoors become the classroom

Outdoor learning and education at ISB connect our teachers and students together in unique contexts, strengthening relationships and exposing students to the diverse natural environments of Switzerland, our neighbouring countries and beyond!

Developing the Whole Child

A holistic education that develops the whole child, as highlighted in our Vision 2030 strategic plan, offers students unique pathways for deeper, sustained skill development toward independence in outdoor pursuits.

We value taking curricular learning beyond the classroom as we firmly believe that that outdoor education teaches knowledge, skills, and understandings that will serve students for life.

Off-Campus learning Destinations

Our carefully designed trips provide students with extraordinary opportunities to go beyond the learning of the classroom, immersing themselves in diverse cultures, environments, and interactions with people from around the globe. Through these transformative experiences, our students not only enrich their learning but also develop a profound appreciation for cultural diversity and become global-minded individuals ready to make a positive impact in our interconnected world.

Browse a few of our recent trips:

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