Elite Performance

A bespoke pathway for students with high performance demands

At ISB, every student is unique and so is the way they learn. Our academic programmes are flexible and adaptable, allowing students to attend high demanding training programmes, while pursuing their academic journey.

The Elite Performance Pathway allows students to attend their individual trainings, rehearsals, games and competitions, while continuing their learning journey as part of the International Baccalaureate programme.

Elite Performance 2024

Tailored Pathway for Specialized Training

This pathway is particularly suited for students who:

  • are part of a professional sports team or follow a high-level sport training programme;
  • are part of a professional orchestra or similar music ensemble, or follow a music/dance/drama time-intensive programme;
  • who need flexibility to follow other high-level training programmes.

How to Apply

To know more about this pathway and whether your child qualifies, complete the form below and we will get back to you to arrange a follow-up meeting.

Enquiry Form

What we offer

  • Multiple pathways towards graduation, adapted to external time commitments and higher education plans

  • Flexible and adaptable school schedules

  • Hybrid programme, with online/onsite classes

  • Individual University Counselling advice, including scholarships identification support, university visits

  • Access to a one-stop online platform for career exploration and college applications

  • Flexible co-curricular activities including Athletics and Music/Drama Programmes

  • Curricular Course Choices including Music, Theatre, Visual Arts & Sports Science.

Meet Our elite performance Students

Click on their photo to watch a short video about themselves.

Louise - Ski

"I aim to excel as a skier, facing both triumphs and obstacles with unwavering determination"

Selina - Violin & Piano

Selina Li

"Music is my lifelong companion, which has been integral to my growth and it will be an enduring part of my future"

Connor - Crcket

Connor Walden

"The Cricket field is my happy place, where I face new challenges and achieve my goals"

Brahm - Lacrosse

Brahm Tacker

"Lacrosse gives me the opportunity to work with a team to compete and express myself on an international stage"

Felicitas - Ballet

Felicitas Jessner

"I strive to improve in ballet both as an artist and athlete, to bring a memorable performance to the stage"

Benjamin - Kayaking

Benjamin Moggs

"Kayaking allows me to express myself and connect with nature, and has taught me the value of discipline in life"

Noel & Will - Rowing

Will - Noel

"We are dedicated rowers, driven by a passion for the sport, exemplifying a relentless work ethic and determination in and off the water".

Sebastian - Bass

Sebastian Overell

"Music has given me the opportunity to take risks and push boundaries, skills that enhance my life beyond the stage"

Laila - Cricket

Laila Pickard

"I am a driven and motivated cricket player with a passion for science"

Laila - Swim

Laila Niederfield

"Swimming gives me inspiration and courage to excel in all aspects of my life"

Joshua - Running

Joshua Alcobia

“Great works are not performed by strength, but by perseverance”

Chiara - Singing

Chiara Pages

WMusic is an essential part of me, allowing me to show the complete version of who I truly am beyond just academics"

Laila - Cricket

Laila Pickard

"I am a driven and motivated cricket player with a passion for science"

Isabelle - Piano

Isabelle Teh

"Music is my source of inspiration and energy that helps me pursue my passions in all aspects of my life."

Elias - Football

Elias Caban

"I am hard-working, motivated and driven, both on the field and off."

Lauren - Football

Laure Cassel2

"I am hardworking and passionate, and I strive to be a better player every time I step on the field."

Tejas - Violin

Tejas Krishnan

"I am a violinist with a passion for numbers and patterns."

Tessa - Ski

Tessa  Sand

"I’m a driven and ambitious skier and my motivation is to improve my racing skills."

Nate - Rugby

Nathan Richards

"I am an eclectic person with many interests across many subjects. Rugby is one facet of my portfolio of skills."

Bibi - Saxophone

Bibi Palmer2

“I am very passionate and ambitious. Music drives me to convey this passion and gain confidence as an individual."

Hannah - Singing

Hannah Latin

"I am very ambitious and fully determined to pursue music as a career. This has been my dream for as long as I can remember."

Kabir -Basketball

Kabir basketball

"I love working together with my teammates to compete. Each game is about the effort we put in."

Zach - Violin

Zach Cox2

"Music allows me to express myself and connect with others, and has taught me the value of discipline."

Emilija - Flute


"Music has been an important part of my life for almost a decade. I am determined to keep it that way."

Solene - Piano

Solene Cornuejols

"Music is my way to express myself. My passion for it only grows stronger every day."

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