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At International School Basel we believe a great Senior School helps students reach their academic potential while supporting their health and character development.

We measure success, not only in test and exam scores, but also in the integrity and care demonstrated by our students. An ISB education supports a wide variety of students' future aspirations.

Ian Hoke, Senior School Principal

Senior School at International School Basel offers both the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (Grades 8-10) and IB Diploma Programme and Diploma Courses (Grade 11-12).

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46 Poland

"I believe that the ISB is very committed to ensuring that students have the best possible school experience, and cares about the comprehensive development of the student. It takes an interest in the student. The school provides excellent preparation for college and a start in adult life. It pays special attention to helping students choose their own path in life."
– Grade 11 Parent (Poland) –

43 United States

"Robust execution of the excellent IB curriculum. Hires great, young teachers with passion, intellectual curiosity and commitment to students (particularly at the high school level, and particularly recently). The adroit handling of Covid, distance learning and (most importantly) the organized and thoughtful approach to in-person learning during Covid. The technical under-pinnings of the curriculum, school administration and communication with the community of students and parents is incredible."
– Grade 10 Parent (United States) –

42 Mexico

"ISB is a rigorous and well organized Educational Institution. Communications are very well organized and the Reinach facilities are best in Class. We would like to recognize our child's Grade 12 Math, Chemistry and Physics teachers! They have been very supportive to our son's success."
– Grade 12 Parent (Mexico) –

39 United Kingdom

"ISB is a welcoming school and many of the teachers are extremely dedicated providing additional support to students if needed. The support to the IB DP students particularly, with regard to guidance and feedback with IA's, as well as support with the core subjects has been very impressive."
– Grade 12 Parent (United Kingdom) –

38 United Kingdom

"There are many opportunities for students to collaborate in a variety of different teams and settings, be it working through complex Maths problems together, preparing for group presentations and debates in Individuals and Societies, or jointly composing music scores to go alongside a silent film. There are a good number of trans disciplinary learning projects in the MYP years at ISB which really does help to build those highly prized critical thinking skills."
– Grade 10 Parent (United Kingdom) –

33 United Kingdom

"Our daughters' transition to the ISB was extremely smooth with the help of the host family who were welcoming and are now our close friends. The girls moved from a different curriculum and the teachers at ISB addressed their gaps whilst continuing to challenge them on a daily basis in the classroom."
– Grade 9 Parent (United Kingdom) –

28 United States

"I appreciate that the approach to learning is more about self discovery as opposed to imposing ones thoughts and opinions onto young impressionable minds."
– Grade 9 Parent (United States) –

23 United States

"Fabulous assessments, collaboration and building of executive function. As a professor of curriculum and instruction (and former K-12) teacher, I can say that ISB places best practices at the center of their instruction. The students are going about the business of learning by doing and social interaction."
– Grade 10 Parent (United States) –

017 United States

"ISB does well in engaging students' diverse interests and creating a comfortable and empowering environment for students to express themselves and to learn."
– Grade 11 Parent (United States) –

017 United States

"The school creates a positive and save environment for students to express their questions and to learn. Learning support has been collaborative and effective."
– Grade 9 Parent (United States) –

016 Russia

"ISB does well integrating new students, encouraging them to excel, and involving them in extra-curricular and charitable activities.  Overall, a high quality education."
– Grade 9 Parent (Russia) –

014 United States

"Outstanding development of our child's communication skills (writing, speaking, debating) and development of project management skills. ISB's scientific program is outstanding. I have yet to meet an ISB kid that doesn't have a love for science."
– Grade 10 Parent (United States) –

005 India

"It's a great learning place during the formative days of students. Both my kids really love studying at ISB. The teachers are excellent and provide constructive feedback. Other than academics, the school also provides ample extra-curricular activities like theater/ music/ sports and helps in the overall development of the kids. The school provides world-class facilities."
– Grade 10 Parent (India) –

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