College & University Counselling

planning Guidance for life after ISB

ISB has three well-qualified and experienced College & University Counsellors to support Grade 9 – 12 students in Senior School.

Students receive regular and targeted information and advice about career and college/university choices, including opportunities for mentoring and interview preparation. Families are encouraged to meet with the Counsellors on a regular basis to discuss post-secondary options.



College & University Annual Events


College & University Counsellors



Universities visit ISB every year

Academic Results

For a summary of ISB's most recent diploma results and college acceptances & placements, please review our current School Profile.

Individual & Group Meetings

The College Counsellors advise students about career and college choices through individual and group meetings. Topics include information regarding: career exploration, the international application process, interviewing techniques, preparing an effective resume, writing personal statements and essays, and relevant tips to assist with higher education research.

UK University Tour

Grade 11 students are given the opportunity to participate in a university tour in the UK. Students experience the varied university environments, understand the admissions process, and further explore their chosen field of study.

Admissions Testing

ISB is authorized by the College Board as a PSAT and SAT testing centre for the US entrance exams. ISB also administers UK entrance exams through the Admissions Testing Service including the BMAT, CAT, ELAT, HAT, IMAT, MAT, MLAT, OLAT, PAT and STEP.

Interview Preparation

Each year at ISB, Grade 12 students are given the opportunity to work with an interview consultant in preparation for an interview at Oxbridge, medical or veterinary programs in the UK.

University Visits and Fairs

Numerous colleges and universities visit ISB each year to educate families about the diverse programs around the world. Students and parents meet with representatives from the UK, US, Canada and other EU countries.

Brighton Sussex Medical Program

ISB hosts a 3-day course through the Brighton Sussex Medical School in June each year. This UK Medical School Experience provides advice and guidance on medicine and life as a medical student. Activities focus on the human body, clinical skills, ethics, the UCAS process and what is needed to submit a strong application.

University Advising Information Sessions

The College Counsellors host various information sessions throughout the year for parents and students. Topics cover the fundamentals of applying to universities and colleges around the world, including specific themes on medical programs, summer opportunities and gap year options.