IB Diploma Programme Results

IB Diploma Results

For the past 25 years, ISB has been proud to be an accredited IB World School preparing students for success in university life and beyond. This year, ISB had a total of 122 candidates taking IB Diploma Programme examinations, with 118 students entered into the full Diploma Programme. Of the 118 students entered for the full IB Diploma Programme, 97% of students were awarded the full Diploma scoring an average of 34 points (well above the world average of 79.1% pass rate and 30 average points). ISB is proud to be an inclusive school and our results continue to place our school at the top amongst other inclusive schools around the world.


It is important to note that the 2019/20 was an unprecedented year for all schools. Due to the coronavirus crisis, final external IB Diploma examinations were canceled (these normal take place in May/June). As a result, the final IB Diploma results awarded to the Class of 2020 were based on a calculation which took into account students’ predicted grades, coursework and ISB’s historical performance data. This was always going to be an almost impossible task for the IB Organisation. As with many IB schools around the world, ISB has also noticed a disparity in some cases between students’ predicated vs. awarded grades. Our IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, College Counsellors and Senior School Leadership are in direct contact with the IB to follow up on how and why final marks have been awarded.

Despite the challenges this year has brought, the students of the class of 2020 have shown resilience, determination and perseverance and we are proud of their outstanding achievements both academically and outside the classroom. We congratulate our students and wish them success as they move into the next step of their journey. 

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