Robotics robot making

Technology and Teamwork

The Robotics Club in Senior School is a starting platform for technological development and innovation, as well as a place where students can develop their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

Creativity, reasoning, strategy and communication, all play a key part to design and develop the best robots possible.

Who? Grade 9 – 12 students (no previous robotics or programming experience required)
When? Two classes per week
How? After learning the basics of building and programming, students form teams to develop their own unique robot and take on leadership and instructional roles such as Club President, Public Relations, and Minister of Education. 

In a world full of seemingly unsolvable problems, strategic planning and decision making is a crucial quality of world leaders. By solving problems through innovation, students approach challenges by exploring solutions through their robots, thereby developing their innovation and creativity skills.


VEX Robotics Competitions have a complex point scoring system, allowing teams to choose their course of action for every game.

It's up to each team to specialise their robot for a certain type of challenge or diversify their robot’s point scoring ability. Club members are not creating aimlessly for the fun of it, but rather innovating based on their strategic plan.