Wellbeing Programme

Our curriculum offers a skills-based wellbeing programme using the most current resources, best practices and engaging activities to include a variety of student choices and learning styles. 

“Our goal is to prepare the students to understand themselves and others so they can access valid information, set goals, make informed choices, analyse influences and advocate for both themselves and others. “

Units & Activities

Our goal is to fully equip students with a range of strategies they can use both now and in the future to enhance their own personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. The curriculum focuses on units of inquiry connected to topics included in Physical, Emotional, Mental, Social, Financial and Sexual Health.

Unit Grade 9 Grade 10

Empower Me 
Influences, social media, body confidence

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion 
Criteria A assessment


Nutrition & Health 
Criteria A assessment

Mental Health
Mental Health workshops with Health First


Risks, Addictions & Substances
Guest speaker - Baselland Polizei

Career pathways & Finances
Guest speaker - OneWeekJob - Sean Aiken


Relationships and Sexual Health
FAQ about gender/sex with SAID representative

Relationships and Sexual Health
Session with the ISB nurses about contraception


First Aid Course with Certificate 
Criteria A assessment

First Aid course with Certificate 
Criteria A assessment

6 Violence Protection Week
Workshops with Kravcore
Violence Protection Week 
Workshops with Kravcore

Wellbeing Activity Rotation 
(4 weeks) 
Outdoor Activity, Cooking, Reading, Yoga/meditation

Wellbeing Activity Rotation 
(4 weeks) 
Outdoor Activity, Cooking, Reading, Yoga/meditation
Grade 11 Grade 12

Understanding Procrastination
2 sessions led by HR Tutors.                              

Wellbeing Workshops (Part 1) 
Focus of Orientation Day - students selected an activity that supported wellbeing and health (hiking, football, yoga, climbing, mindfulness/resilience training, art creation)

Social Emotional Counsellor Sessions
Managing exam and assessment stress/anxiety.

Social Emotional Counsellor Sessions
Managing stress/anxiety in busy times (Sem 1). 
Approaching life transitions. (Sem 2).

Wellbeing Workshops
Students sign-up/choose activities with HR Tutors.

Wellbeing Workshops (Part 2) 
Students sign-up/choose two wellbeing activities with HR Tutors.

University Counsellor Sessions
5 sessions to work with the counselling team on planning for the future.

University Counsellor Sessions
At least 2 Ext HR sessions to work with the counselling team on application protocols. These sessions are also facilitated on a 1-1 basis depending on student needs.

Violence Protection Week
Scenario workshop with Kravcore 

Flying Solo 
Alumni event to share experiences of life after high school  (planning underway)

Pearls of Wisdom Seminars
Students sign-up/choose activities with HoD’s and SLT.

Breathing Room 
Resources used/shared in homerooms; students begin some days with relaxation activities.


Relaxation Drop-ins
10-15 minute relaxation sessions offered at lunch; students drop in for a variety of short activities that support relaxation/wellbeing.