Guiding students for today and tomorrow

At ISB, we understand the importance of supporting the whole child, not only in academic achievement, but cognitive, social, emotional and physical wellbeing. Growing evidence shows that student wellbeing is an integral part of student success.

Support given to an individual student’s academic, social and emotional needs is vital to ensuring long-term self-esteem and the confidence to succeed along whatever paths the student chooses to take. Through individual, group and class sessions and workshops, students are given information about issues that may arise at different stages of their lives; they are encouraged to ask questions and seek answers; they are given guidance on how to make healthy and sensible choices in life. Students are motivated to be aware of their potential and how it may be achieved.

All students are given guidance in how to make and value friendships, work in teams, solve problems, deal with conflict, manage strong feelings, promoting and developing empathy skills, compete fairly, respect others' rights and value diversity.

Through a combination of classroom observation, discussion with individuals and within small groups, teachers provide the means for students to learn about social responsibility and the importance of respecting their own and each other’s emotional development.

School counsellors work closely with Pastoral Curriculum Leaders in the Middle and Senior School and the Student Support Team at our Junior School, to ensure that the personal and social needs of all students are addressed. Students at different times and of different ages encounter a range of issues that may form the basis of workshops and discussion forums allowing students to raise questions and seek answers in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. Parents are invited to attend some workshops that may be of particular relevance to them or their child.

Parents are asked to be proactive about keeping the School informed of any issues at home that may impact the learning of their child. The School will also inform parents of any concerns regarding the emotional and social well-being of the student. Should long-term or specialized assistance become necessary, a list of English-speaking and German-speaking local healthcare professionals can be obtained from the School. 

College Counselling


College and Career Counselling

ISB has three well-qualified and experienced College and Career Counsellors to support Grade 9 – 12 students in Senior School.

Students receive regular and targeted information and advice about career and college/university choices, including opportunities for mentoring and interview preparation. 

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