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Registration Fee

A Registration Fee of CHF 500 per student is due for each student new to ISB or returning to ISB after an absence of more than 14 calendar months.

  • The Registration Fee is payable when a formal application is submitted and if the parents/guardians are not sponsored by one of the ISB shareholding companies.
  • For parents/guardians who are sponsored by one of the ISB shareholding companies, ISB will raise an invoice for the Registration Fee in due course.
  • This one-time fee is non-refundable.

The Registration Fee can be transferred as follows:

Bank Cler AG
4002 Basel
BC 8440
Account: 697009.290000-3
IBAN CH79 0844 0697 0092 9000 0

Payable to: International School of the Basel Region
Please indicate your family name and the names of each child in order to identify the payment.

Enrolment Fee

The enrolment fee of CHF 4,000 per student is due for each student new to ISB or returning to ISB after an absence of more than 14 calendar months.

Annual Tuition Costs

Payment is required prior to the first day of School.

Primary Years Programme EC 1 CHF 20,870
Primary Years Programme EC 2 CHF 20,870
Primary Years Programme EC 3 - Grade 5 CHF 24,550
Middle Years Programme Grade 6 - 7 CHF 28,100
Middle Years Programme Grade 8 CHF 28,100
Middle Years Programme Grade 9 - 10 CHF 29,300
Diploma Programme Grade 11 - 12 CHF 33,070

*Intensive Needs Programme (INP): The Fee schedule for INP has changed for any new students joining the INP program in 2018/2019. For prior INP students (earlier named Centre for Supportive Education, CSE) enrolled before 31 May 2018, the annual tuition CSE fee will remain at CHF 44,580 for a transition period of 5 years (e.g. until and including school year 2022-23). In case of any fee increase to the annual tuition fees for EC 1 - Grade 12, the increase will also be applied on the annual tuition CSE fee of CHF 44,580. For more information contact Admissions.


By enroling a child in ISB, Parents/Guardians agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions, the Schedule of Fees and the Final Provisions described in the Financial Regulations. The Financial Regulations supersede all former financial agreements between the Parents/Guardians and ISB.


Students are placed in the year level according to their birth year following the entrance placement table below. A student may be accepted if he/she meets the school’s Admissions Requirements.

2018/2019 Year Placement Chart

2019/2020 Year Placement Chart


Watch our students and teachers engage in daily activities during this short video.

About ISB

Situated in a beautiful and dynamic region of Switzerland, ISB is an English-speaking international day school which provides students aged 3-18 with the education, support and inspiration they need to become global citizens.



ISB has many years’ experience supporting students and families from all over the world. We accept students throughout the School year, dependent on availability of space and fulfillment of entry requirements. 


ISB is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. Currently studied by over one million students in 148 countries, the IB prepares students with the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalising world.


ISB is situated on three campuses, all easily accessible by public transport.

Student Services

The facilities, technological and personnel support on offer at ISB make a vital contribution to the academic, social and emotional development of all students at the School.

Student Life

Sports, drama, music, art, debate, representation, recreation – at ISB, there are numerous ways for students of all ages to cooperate and compete to improve existing skills or try something new.

Parent Community


Individual parents and parent groups constitute an indispensable part of the vibrant community of ISB. 

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